Uncover the Sacred Path to Business Growth & Freedom in your Human Design

Revealed by an Ex-NASA Scientist & Former Fortune 500 Business Analyst who've spent almost a decade building 6, 7, & 8-figure brands online

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Get Off the Client Rollercoaster

You've got the experience & certifications.

You've got the spiritual & transformational tools.

And you've got the track record of real, life-changing results & testimonials.

So why do you still end up:

  • Feeling like a best kept secret without a solid system for consistently attracting high-quality clients

  • Constantly coming up with new ideas & offers, with no aligned signature offer that you can actually scale

  • Fearing that you’re missing out on opportunities

  • Feeling like an imposter — stressed & overwhelmed with no clear path to achieve your dreams

  • Fearing criticism, failure, & being judged by others…& not feeling safe to emerge or fully “be seen”

  • Comparing yourself to others & feeling inadequate — guilty & embarrassed that you’re not where you “should” be

  • Feeling like you’re on a constant roller coaster of unpredictable cash flow & client flow — full of temporary highs & nerveracking lows

it's not your fault

Get Your Business by Design Codebook

A Human Design report for Entrepreneurs...

Designed to help you discover & breakthrough what's really been holding you back from next-level success


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"I have been on this journey with my business for 3 years now...

When I'm working with my clients and when I'm at the retreats I feel so satisfied and so fulfilled & my clients are getting amazing results...

But outside of that I've had these big pain points of not having a system of attracting clients & wondering how do I transform my business?


The way this program is set up, you type in your birthdate & the time you were born, and it spits out this exact blueprint of an aligned business and an aligned avatar!"

Guess what...

It's Not Your Fault

Most business & marketing advice doesn’t take into account the most unique & important part of your business: you.

And because you’ve been conditioned, from the moment that you were born…

By a world that tries to make you “fit in” with everybody else & be someone & something you’re not

When it comes time to grow your business…

You end up forced to choose from a sea of options rooted in Not-Self Conditioning

With “hype-y” webinars & ads that try to convince you to ignore your inner knowing & truth & squeeze yourself into a one-size-fits-all business box

That never really work for you.

get clarity on

Your Best Path to Success

Instead of focusing on achievement…

Focus on alignment.

Because your best & fastest path to total freedom & impact is unique to you.

And when you’re in alignment…

Everything else easefully & naturally falls into place.

That’s why if you want to have real, lasting freedom, income, & impact

You have to be willing to be your True Self & follow your most authentic path to success.

Discover Your most authentic path

Get Your Business by Design Codebook

A custom blueprint to unlock your best & fastest path to more freedom, impact, & success — based on your Human Design

You just need

A Business by Design

Once you discover & follow your unique blueprint

You’ll unlock the clarity & confidence you need to grow the business you’ve been dreaming of.

That’s because your Business by Design Blueprint™ is highly-customized to you:

It uses your Human Design & proven marketing & business strategy to reveal

  • Who you are…(your unique gifts, message, & success strategy)

  • Who you were born to serve…(your soul-aligned avatar)

  • And how you were born to serve…(your best business model & offer)

And helps you unlock your best & fastest path to greater financial freedom, impact, & success.

So, instead of trying in vain to build & grow a business based on someone else’s one-size-fits-all box…

You can finally break free & grow your Business by Design

Abundant with authenticity, freedom, & impact.

proven results

Trusted By Conscious Brands & Entrepreneurs

A Business Perfectly Aligned for Me

I doubted how applicable this would be for me & my business

[And] I was feeling stress & frustration trying to figure out how to scale.

[But you gave me] insight & clarity around the business model that’s most aligned for me.

It’s like the business version of a tailored suit.

I highly recommend you check this out.

It’s not like anything else out there.”

Ani Manian

Saved 100s Of Thousands

“There’s so much info out there…it’s so overwhelming. [But] I let my curiosity lead me.

I was sitting here kicking myself like,

"Man! I wish I would’ve done this last year...

Because I probably would’ve made very different decisions

& saved myself 10s of thousands

And probably if I’d had this (5) years ago, [I would've saved] 100s of thousands dollars

You need to do this!!!”

Angie Saunders

Worth the Time & Investment

"My biggest doubt was is this going to be applicable [so that I can] make a shift in my business.

I was given a lot of clarity on what kind of avatar to serve...

And how to price my offerings, my brand voice, & tone...

And what kind of offerings I should be sharing in the world.

It is absolutely worth the time & investment...

Because you will walk away with actionable ways to create meaningful shifts in your business."

Lee Noto

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Get Your Business by Design Codebook

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How It Works

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Grow by Design

Grow your Business by Design & finally step into a life & business of greater impact, authenticity, & total freedom

Can We Let You in on a Secret?

After spending almost a decade mastering marketing & funnels & sales, and helping 6, 7, & 8-figure brands grow online…

Here’s the truth we discovered: it’s not about the money.

Or the system, team, or website.

It’s about showing up with alignment & integrity as the fullest expression of the truth of who you are…

To do the work that you’re called here to do…In a way that positively transforms & deeply impacts the world — for the better.

Do that…and the team & systems & success fall beautifully into place.

That’s why we’re here: to show you a better way to succeed in business

By following your own, most spiritually-aligned, & authentic path to financial freedom & lasting success.

Idia & Santos



The Greatest ROI

"Human Design is a whole thing!!

And when you look at your chart…it can be overwhelming.

Like, how do I even understand this?

How could I possibly unpack this? It’s going to take…years of study to access the actionable insights.

And what you’ve done is short circuited that journey to finding those actionable insights...

And created it & presented it in a form that’s immediately relevant to an entrepreneur…& is really focused on what that business owner or entrepreneur needs."

ready for next-level freedom & impact?

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